Sunday, April 8, 2012

Airbrushing Entertainment for Bar-Mitzvahs & Special Events

Airbrushing, Entertainment for Bar-Mitzvahs, Bat-Mitzvahs, and What to Expect

Houston - Airbrush Magic has been getting into something new: entertaining at bar-mitzvah. It is something new for us, says airbrush artist, Ray Gatica. We have been getting requests for it within the past two years.

This is a new thing that we offer and wanted to inform the public of what we do and what the client can expect. It is something new in entertainment at parties and special promotional events.

This past month we had to two events to work, both Bar-Mitzvahs. One was held on March 10, 2012 in Spring, Texas, at the Jewish Community Center in and the second was at the House of Deoreon, in Downtown Houston , TX. on March 31, 2012. Both were a success and the clients were very pleased. We even got statements from both clients recommending our services. IT was most for the kids but we did a few shirts for adults, too.

Also, in the past, a couple of entertainment companies have also hired us for bar/bat-mitzvahs, and a Justin Beiber promotional event at the Marquis Theatre in Houston, last year. Last year we also did a birthday party for a young girl in Richmond, there, there were around 15 girls. Out longest gig so far has been four hours straight, the shortest: two hours. However, a promotional event with Kaplan Test and Prep Academy at University of Houston, we were at the event for three consecutive days, six hours per day. Their shirts had their company logo in front, already silkscreened and we personalized them for the students. See samples:

We provide all our equipment and supplies: air supply, needed to drive the airbrushes; airbrushes, easels, paints, tables if needed, We normally use compressed air tanks to keep the noise down. The client provides the T-shirts, of their choice
We usually commit to a time span to get the shirts done. We usually get at the event two hour in advance to set up and get everything ready. We set up the tables, easels, connect equipment, airbrushed, air hoses, tanks and find outlets for back up air compressor system.

Most of the time we do names in our special style which are bubble letters which I find people like because even though it resembles light graffiti it is usually soft graffiti, not gang stuff. First our style is bubble letters along with some hand written script whenever applicable. Normally, we use three – four colors in the designs. The way it turns out is colorful, fun and unique designs that are definitely airbrush.

The amount of time we spend airbrushing the shirts depends on the amount of event attendees. Usually we stick to name and quick quips, something we can do within a few minutes.

The kids have fun watching the shirts and their ideas come to life right in front of their eyes. “It is fun for me watching the kids a kick out of what we do, but we have had a few grown ups get in to it as much as the kids do” says Gatica. Usually superlatives like awesome!, Great!, and You guys are great!, are heard in the crowd as the kids watch us perform our magic with the airbrush. I imagine as people find out more about this we will be getting more and more calls for this type of thing.
You can get more information at, and we can be reached at 281-441-9714, or by emailing us at